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White House launches Clean Air and Buildings Challenge. See how it helps your schools...

The issue of air circulation and safety in school buildings is becoming a national priority as a means to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, the White House announced a nationwide call-to-action to improve the air quality in classrooms across the country.  Air quality has been shown to be a factor in employee and student absenteeism, health issues, and classroom performance. 


At the state level, initiatives are in place to provide grants to school districts to analyze and upgrade both HVAC and plumbing systems that may not be operating at their optimum levels. There are grants available to our school district clients under the state's AB 841 program to make these upgrades. Phase 1 of this program has ended, but only about one-fourth of the $650 million was allocated to applicants because many school districts failed to apply.


Phase 2 has just reopened the application process. Districts have until June 1 to submit their paperwork. CSBA’s strategic partner LifeWings Peak Performance can assist you in getting in line to receive these funds. At no costs to your general fund budget, LifeWings can see if you qualify, analyze your needs, and file the application. Give them 15 minutes on the phone and you could get thousands if not millions of dollars to upgrade your classrooms. LifeWings is not an equipment provider. They are a group of scientists, health professionals, and engineers that began doing safe air studies for the military and hospitals. Contact LifeWings.

Italian study shows ventilation can cut school COVID cases by 82%

ROME, March 22 (Reuters) - An Italian study published on Tuesday suggests that efficient ventilation systems can reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in schools by more than 80%.

An experiment overseen by the Hume foundation think-tank compared coronavirus contagion in 10,441 classrooms in Italy's central Marche region.

COVID infections were steeply lower in the 316 classrooms that had mechanical ventilation systems, with the reduction in cases more marked according to the strength of the systems.

With applications guaranteeing a complete replacement of the air in a classroom 2.4 times in an hour, infections were reduced by 40%. They were lowered by 66.8% with four air replacements per hour and by 82.5% with six air replacements, the study showed.

Most of Italy's schools lack mechanical ventilation systems. Instead, teachers are urged to keep windows open when weather conditions permit.

If the most efficient systems were installed "we could pass from 250 cases per 100,000 students (the alert level set by the education ministry) to a rate of 50 per 100,000," the Hume foundation and the Marche regional government said in its press release.

Room-Level Ventilation in Schools and Universities

Ventilation is of primary concern for maintaining healthy indoor air quality and reducing the spread of airborne infectious disease, including COVID-19. In addition to building-level guidelines, increased attention is being placed on room-level ventilation. However, for many universities and schools, ventilation data on a room-by-room basis are not available for classrooms and other key spaces. We present an overview of approaches for measuring ventilation along with their advantages and disadvantages. We also present data from recent case studies for a variety of institutions across the United States, with various building ages, types, locations, and climates, highlighting their commonalities and differences, and examples of the use of this data to support decision making.

Download Fliers to Share Regarding Air Quality,
Cost Savings and Impact on Student Learning

These fliers from LifeWings make it easy to share information with colleagues and decision-makers when it comes to the benefits of clean air in schools. They explain how it improves learning, saves money and reduces absenteeism and time doing maintenance. One of the fliers explains how the team at LifeWings and its partners do their work.  

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