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Guaranteed Even In Crisis:  How LifeWings Delivers Immediate and Sustainable Value

Coaches, Not Cookbooks

LifeWings does not merely assess your organization and leave behind a 6-inch binder with instructions for you to follow. Instead, our team of experienced coaches are deployed on-site to explain what needs to be accomplished, show you how to do it, mentor you as you do it, and provide ongoing feedback and ensure that your organization can sustain the process and desired outcomes long after we leave. Our guiding principle is "Through knowledge transfer, prepare for the eventual handoff from day one." We know that our time with you will come to an end, and we are not successful unless our process has been embedded and remains functional within your organization.

On-site, Not Off-site

In a typical six-month engagement that involves both culture change and process optimization, we provide over 19 months in full-time, person-days of on-site coaching presence.

Wisdom, Not Whiz Kids

Our coaches have a minimum of 10 years of experience in their area of expertise. Collectively, we have over 400-500 years of hard-won experience on-site and in the trenches with our healthcare clients. We deploy seasoned coaches who average 45+ years of age that have worked in 220 healthcare organizations, including 37 safety net and inner-city institutions. 

Resultants, Not Consultants

You are buying results, not consulting time. Few firms in our area of expertise have the documented results that LifeWings produces.  We get paid for and from, the $$$ we deliver.

Guaranteed, Not Maybe

LifeWings offers a written guarantee of safety, efficiency, and financial results. The only fine print is that you agree to follow the steps of the implementation as we coach you through them. If you do, we will produce the desired results, and if we don't, we will continue to work with you at no additional cost until you do. 

Sustainability, Not Flavor-of-the-Month

We coach you utilizing a unique and proven culture change model that can challenge the deeply held workplace convictions (for both physicians and staff) and drives daily behaviors to produce the desired results. Many firms can produce temporary results. Few can coach their clients' physicians and leadership team through the alignment and engagement actions that permanently change the culture and process to deliver results consistently.


The Bottom Line

LifeWings is different because we guarantee that we will meet revenue and cost-saving targets (financial returns that EXCEED your LifeWings investment), capabilities (the inherent ability to do what we do so that you can do it after we leave) and outcomes (documented improvements in safety, efficiency.

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