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“By not owning the implementation, consulting is a fraction of the value and a fraction of the opportunity to learn and get better."


Steve Jobs, MIT, 1992


R. Scott Altman, MD, MPH, MBA, FACEP


Dr. Altman is a Physician Liaison with LifeWings, providing strategic, operational, and clinical coaching to our partners.  He is a forward-thinking international physician executive with extensive management leadership experience in all phases of the healthcare delivery continuum.  An active coach who enjoys working with people, Dr. Altman demonstrates an unusual ability to distill and integrate multicultural and diverse socio-economic environments.

Dr. Altman has been an active international medical management consultant and speaker for over 25 years (including seven years of intermittent work with Joint Commission International).  He has traveled extensively, having visited 60 countries, performing healthcare consulting, teaching, surveying and charity work in over 20. 

Richard Doss

Richard Doss

As Managing Director of LifeWings Peak Performance, Richard Doss becomes the point person for school leaders who want to save money and strengthen education performance. For 21 years, Richard Doss has worked with hospitals, medical systems and now schools, improving their engineering and management strategies. He has extensive experience to effectively acquire grant funds, improve energy efficiency and ultimately impact student performance by reducing absenteeism and other proven factors. He has brought millions of dollars to schools from a variety of sources to pay for improvements. In his previous work with hospitals and schools, the consistent result is better performance, cost savings and educational improvement. 


Tom DeLapp, APR  


Tom DeLapp supports LifeWings California schools-based engagements by shaping the “Safer Air good news story” for boards, unions, parents, and communities. Since 1996 when he founded his firm, Tom has served as communications counsel for over 400 school districts in California. Tom has conducted communication audits and developed communication plans for over 50 school districts. A veteran of the communications industry with over 40 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, Tom DeLapp draws on a wealth of expertise and a national reputation as one of the premier school public relations professionals in the country. 

Carl Sirio, MD

Carl Sirio, MD

Dr. Carl Sirio is a Senior Physician Liaison with LifeWings and provides strategic, operational, and clinical coaching to our partners.   Dr. Siro builds on decades of healthcare leadership experience and a vision for strategically and practically improving clinical care across settings, quality and safety, patient and professional engagement, and professional education–all with demonstrable outcomes. Previously,  Dr. Siro was CMO and COO at the University of Toledo Medical Center.  His responsibilities at Toledo included accountability for operations and strategic planning for all clinical services within the University of Toledo Medical Center.

Ron McGuire, MS

Ron McGuire, MS


Ron brings to LifeWings Clients a successful 23-year track record of driving enterprise-wide business results and cultural change. Ron initially developed a Lean thinking mindset under the direct tutelage of a Toyota Sensei at the NUMMI (GM-Toyota Joint Venture) assembly plant from 1996 to 1998. As a Certified Master Trainer in the Johnson Controls Manufacturing System (Toyota Production System/Lean Manufacturing), Ron was responsible for employee involvement and Kaizen teams that drove over $10 million cost savings for two consecutive years at JCI. Ron then moved from the Automotive Industry to the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) space at General Mills, where over the next 21 years he led enterprise-wide initiatives in Learning and Development. 

Albert Black, Jr., MBA, FACHE

Albert Black, Jr., MBA, FACHE


Al Black, Jr. is a LifeWings senior advisor and executive coach with over 35 years of executive experience in Healthcare and Operations Management. He assists our partners with ongoing decisions regarding service line operations, cost management, and capital needs. Al is a seasoned Philadelphia market operator, having managed budgets exceeding $500M, led the staff of professional, clinical, and support services. He provided internal and external leadership in management, program planning and development, construction, contract negotiation and oversight, and financial operations. Before joining LifeWings, Al was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP). Al was responsible for daily operations for the 720 bed Academic Medical Center. 

Susan Bennett, MD, FACC

Susan Bennett, MD, FACC

Dr. Susan Bennett is a Senior Physician Coach with LifeWings. After 22 years of clinical practice in academia (3 years) and then community-based practice, Dr. Bennett made a hard decision and left to pursue a position more aligned with her longstanding interest in quality of care and Triple AIM. Since the late 1990s, Dr. Bennett is aligned with George Washington University Hospital to build and run its Women’s Heart Program. Among several healthcare innovations, they embedded a nutritionist and exercise physiologist in the clinic, which increased patient engagement and more effectively led patients towards prevention. 

Stephen Roy.png

Stephen Roy

Steve Roy brings more than 19 years of experience working with organizations to solve communication challenges. His career work has focused on integrating technology, innovation, and medical practice and delivery, with stakeholder groups, including education, pharma, patient advocacy groups, labor groups, government, technology providers, and hospitals. Steve has led internal communications campaigns for organizations including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, City of Hope, GE Healthcare, Philips, the National Cancer Institute, General Physics, Boston College, and Massachusetts General Hospital. In 2011, Steve led the national launch of Text4Baby, a free prenatal care education service for underserved populations. Based on a groundbreaking assessment, the grassroots campaign found that 95% of expecting low-income mothers would use a text messaging-based service versus other forms of outreach, including direct mail and emails.

Todd Hensley_edited.png

Todd Hensley

Todd Hensley brings 16 years of first-hand experience in application and consulting in the adoption, training, and implementation of the Toyota Production System. He supports clients by providing coaching and mentoring in lean principles through training and hands-on assistance during the execution of lean operating systems at their facilities. During his consulting experiences, Mr. Hensley has proudly served clients in designing, training, and implementing high functioning operating systems and cultural transformations based on the Toyota Production System. His training and experience have allowed him to implement, manage, and transfer knowledge to clients in healthcare environments. 


Alan R. Vierling, DNP, MSN, RN, NEA-BC FABC


As a Senior Advisor with LifeWings. Dr. Alan Vierling provides strategic, operational, and clinical coaching to our partners. If there’s such a thing as “a perfect record” in leadership, Dr. Vierling holds it. Literally everywhere he has gone in his leadership roles, organizational scores have risen, patient satisfaction has soared higher, and physician engagement and recruitment have been enhanced. In his own words, throughout his 30-year healthcare career, he maintains one goal: “Go where I can make a difference.” From his humble beginnings as an Operating Room Technician in 1981 to his executive positions with leading medical facilities across the country, he has now become a sought-after speaker on leadership and crisis management. 


Stacey Fabio  


Every organization needs someone to keep things organized. For LifeWings, that person is Stacey Fabio. High in energy and loaded with communication skills, Stacey manages accounts, projects and contracts while keeping staff on task and at the right place at the right time. She also provides presentations, marketing collaterals and a responsive voice to customers and partners. Stacey supports our very active conference schedule and marketing campaigns. Her background includes social media manager, senior editor, and legal assistant at various firms, providing that perfect foundation for her critical role at LifeWings.

david Voss0519.jpg

David R. Voss 


David R. Voss has been communicating with the public about education and children’s causes for the past 30 years, making him uniquely qualified as the Chief Marketing Officer for LifeWings Peak Performance.  He previously served as Director of Communications for the Florida Department of Education, as the Governor and Commissioner of Education’s Press Secretary, and as Director of Marketing for Apple Computer's Education Division. He remains president of Voss & Associates, a public relations and marketing company with its heart in education. He is a long-time member of the National School Public Relations Association and continues to help school districts pass referendums and manage crisis communications.

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