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From Assessment to Activation, Creating Safer Air


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    ACTION STEP ONE: Assessment and Discovery

  1. Conduct a science-based assessment to evaluate three critical areas for air quality improvement: engineering, clinical and human factors.

  2. Identify protocols to prevent the spread of viral pathogens in classrooms, shared spaces, other education sites via HVAC systems, and other modes of spread.

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ACTION STEP TWO: Financial Support and Strategic Planning

  1. Identify the public funding available to local education agencies to support SaferAir assessments and any physical improvements that may be necessary based on review.

  2. Provide a strategic roll-out plan and prioritized recommendations with the benefits and limitations of each option.

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ACTION STEP THREE: Activation and Communication

  1. Implement changes to; Outside air, filtration, building automation, air treatment, air distribution, monitoring, and capital spend.

  2. Implement a Strategic SaferAir Public Engagement Plan to foster adoption and support of SaferAir practices in the county’s public schools.

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Understanding Pathogen Behavior and Medical Management Goals


KFI Engineers and LifeWings combine aerosol studies, ventilation, engineering, human factors, and medical management to offer HVAC strategies for preventing and controlling COVID-19 in our communities. Since 2020, our team of academic and industrial engineers and clinicians has taken a deep dive into respiratory transmission chemistry, biology, and medicine.  


We have changed the way schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings, correctional facilities, and other indoor spaces treat the air in their buildings. 

Our COVID HVAC Process

How to sustain indoor air quality and leverage funding to keep schools open - Calif. AB 841/Safer Air.

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