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How we work

Assessment and Discovery

1. Conduct a science-based assessment to evaluate three critical areas for air quality improvement: engineering, clinical and human factors

2. Identify protocols to prevent the spread of viral pathogens in classrooms, shared spaces, other education sites via HVAC systems, and other modes of spread


Financial Support and Strategic Planning

3. Identify the public funding available to local education agencies to support SaferAir assessments and any physical improvements that may be necessary based on review

4. Provide a strategic roll-out plan and prioritized recommendations with the benefits and limitations of each option


Activation and Communication

5. Implement changes to; Outside air, filtration, building automation, air treatment, air distribution, monitoring, and capital spend

6. Implement a Strategic SaferAir Public Engagement Plan to foster adoption and support of SaferAir practices in the county’s public schools

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Foundational – Leadership Support and Management Infrastructures

“Engaged leaders and reliable leader systems – formal Operating System structures and processes."

  • Improved leadership training, coaching and mentoring

  • Foster continuous improvement, innovation, learning, and problem-solving

  • Develop Leader standard work & Tiered huddles

Discharge nurse showing papers to elderly patient

Foundational – Physician Engagement, Development, and Strategy

“Develop Physician partners of the future that sustain your goals and values."

  • Begin cultural shift towards appreciation and development of medical staff

  • Support physician partners on quality, safety, and process-related improvement

  • Work with physician leaders to reduce variations in care, by standardizing best practices

  • Provide ongoing physician education, mentoring, and coaching

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Action Step 1 – Develop Highly Reliable, Accountable, Expert Teams

“The way we think, feel, and conduct ourselves across the care journey individually & collectively."

  • Focus on relentless customer service

  • High quality, error-free, healing-based care for your patients

  • Foster team collaboration and trust

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Action Step 2 – Deploy Optimized Processes Across All Care Levels

"Create high quality, consistent patient experience at the lowest total cost of care." 

  • Reduce Acute, Behavioral, & Emergency Department Length of Stay

  • Optimize all care coordination & transitions

  • Optimize planning and scheduling; avoid the unanticipated

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Action Step 3 – Ensure Revenue Optimization

"Achieve operating income, expense, and margin targets from practice and hospital operations."

  • Advanced labor and supply strategies established to appropriately match demand

  • Timely clinical documentation and billing that accurately reflects care delivery

  • Appropriate levels of reimbursement for FFS, value-based and alternative payment models

  • Streamlined front and back end Revenue Cycle functionality, aligned with Managed Care

  • Targeted service line market share expansion strategies

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