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Covid 19

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How to Sustain Indoor Air Quality and Leverage Funding to Keep Schools Open - Calif. AB 841/SaferAir


San Diego County Office of Education 

August 13, 2021 & August 20, 2021

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Understanding Pathogen behavior and the required Medical Management goals.

KFI Engineers and LifeWings combine aerosol studies, ventilation, engineering, human factors, and medical management to offer HVAC strategies for preventing and controlling COVID-19 in our communities. Since 2020, our team of academic and industrial engineers and clinicians has taken a deep dive into respiratory transmission chemistry, biology, and medicine.  

We have changed the way schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings, correctional facilities, and other indoor spaces treat the air in their buildings. Because the Safer Air team has a balanced approach to assessment, risk mitigation, and monitoring, our knowledge sharing has made it possible for facilities to open fully even as the pandemic continues. 

Our COVID HVAC Process

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Air Safety is School Safety

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