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Still Not Sure LifeWingsPP can Help You with Your CalSHAPE Grant? We can!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We appreciate that you need more information (due to your impossibly busy schedules) to feel comfortable moving forward and applying for the CalSHAPE ventilation grants and awards program.

Below are questions and concerns we have helped other large districts navigate:

Ongoing auditing under CalSHAPE (AB841):

  • There is no formal auditing process for this program

  • You will not be required to fill out or regularly submit paperwork

  • You will not be subjected to ongoing programmatic auditing requirements

    • However, because you are getting grant money they could, for instance, make a visit to San Luis Obispo County and ask all the school districts to “tell us about your CO2 measurements over the last year”

    • or “give us numbers about your energy usage” over the last 3 months

  • LifeWings/KFI Engineers will help you gather that information as part of the grant

Internal workload issues and involvement for your team

  • The CalSHAPE program does not require any work from your team on the assessment activities

  • You don't have to do anything for the filter installation or CO2 monitor installation

  • You are not required to do any of the work for the contingency repairs and contingency adjustments that are all part of the funding package

Longer-term funding and other grants

  • We consider our firm to be your long-term funding partner for safer air activities and actions, HVAC equipment, and several other funding programs such as:

    • Phase 2 of CalSHAPE, which covers HVAC replacement funds

    • Accessing Vice President Harris’ underserved schools clean air program

    • Other state, utility company, and federally funded programs

Encumbering funds and processing grant payments

  • There is no paperwork to fill out for your CBO team – we only need a few contact names, a Tax ID number and some signatures

  • We manage the uploading of the funding-related documentation for the State Controller's Office,

  • We track the payment of the grants and the checks until they come to your bank account directly

  • We also want to confirm that there are ZERO matching fund requirements or out-of-pocket expenses for the district

Labor Compliance and Project Documentation

  • All project activities rigorously adhere to CA Dept. of Industrial Relations (DIR), PWC 100 labor compliance program

  • Excess fees, consulting fees, and project management fees are not allowed

  • There is no allowance for exceeding budgets or estimates that we put into the system

  • All spending and subsidies for different categories of work performed and repairs undertaken are documented as part of the program

  • All contractor work is fully documented, including:

    • Labor costs and labor hours

    • Parts and materials costs

    • All assessment activities and repair activities

    • The filter installation activities

    • The CO2 monitor installation activities

    • Every dollar spent must be documented, and

    • Every dollar spent must be accounted for and uploaded to the system before they will make the final payment

Payments and funding

  • Payments come directly to the district

  • In addition, you get progress reports from us as soon as we do the assessment that explain all of the equipment listed, documented equipment issues for your HVAC team, as well as the CO2 monitoring locations and where those monitors will be installed

  • All contingency repairs are listed and prioritized

    • Your team will decide what repairs you want to have done

    • Your team will choose which repairs to make

    • Your team will prioritize the repairs, adjustments, and mechanical fixes for every HVAC unit on each of your sites

    • Nothing will be done without your clearance and approval

    • Nothing will be done without your HVAC / Maintenance team knowing exactly what's happening

I trust that the information above has answered your questions. Keep in mind that demand for funding will be great in this final phase of CalSHAPE. If you have not “encumbered funds”, someone else will scoop up those funds. If we can get together for 10-15 minutes on a Zoom call with myself and Tom DeLapp we can review:

  • Typical interim engineering agreements and reporting documents

  • We can show you example reports of how the process works

  • We can offer you value derived from the CalSHAPE program

Sometimes grant funding can be complicated and onerous with ongoing demands for reporting and accountability. As I have explained above, CalSHAPE is different than other programs and with our assistance is designed to make the process as simple as possible with little negative impact on your financial bottom line or staff workload. I hope we can work together soon to resolve your concerns.

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