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Achieving Peak Performance in Your Classrooms: Applying for AB 841 CalSHAPE Grants is Important

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The primary goal of LifeWings Peak Performance is to help school districts get peak performance from their classrooms. That’s why it’s in our name. When schools achieve peak performance, they satisfy the top three priorities parents want from their schools: (1) a safe, healthy learning environment, (2) a highly competitive education for their children, and (3) effective use of their tax dollars.

LifeWings Peak Performance is very different from the typical equipment vendors and contractors that facilities departments deal with. As your safe air advisor, we work as your partner to maximize available state and federal funding streams to get the job done in all three of these priority areas. We help ensure that the learning and teaching environment effectively supports the peak performance of your students and staff.

  • Studies confirm that quality breathing zones contribute directly to improved academic achievement, better attendance, enhanced health and wellness, and reduced discipline problems from students.

  • Safer air enhances teacher wellness, reduces absences, minimizes health claims, and cuts down on the use of substitutes.

This sounds great, but how can you get this done when it feels like you can’t add one more thing to your plate? How can you achieve these goals when you don’t have enough time to manage your existing workload? We can take that burden off the shoulders of your facilities team. We are here to help.

We can help save you time. We get your applications for state and federal grants prepared and filed accurately so you qualify for all of the funds you are entitled to receive. Our experts can do the diagnostic work for you. No one has more experience in working with the California Energy Commission to get applications processed and approved to get in line for millions of dollars in CalSHAPE grants.

  • The effort you put into applying for CalSHAPE funding can be replicated easily to get in line for other funding streams. Do it once and then repurpose it again and again.

  • Our track record speaks for itself. In many cases, we help complement and supplement your staff to manage the process from application through assessment to completion with our own project managers.

We can help save you money. Our fees are covered under the grants so there is no hit on the General Fund bottom line. No one has more expertise and experience in successfully navigating the growing number of state and federal funding streams available for safe air in schools.

  • You might have already begun to upgrade your systems using ESSER, facilities bonds, or other dollars. That’s okay, we can help you get rebates from the CalSHAPE program for what you may have already spent.

  • There is a growing appreciation at the state and federal levels of the need to create and maintain safe air zones in schools. We do the research to find the government resources that fit your unique situation and get your grant applications into the mix for consideration and funding. Keep in mind, you won’t get the money if you don’t apply, and the first to apply are the first to be funded.

We can help deliver a “good news” story to your community

Our team includes some of the premier school communication professionals in the country. We can assist your district in telling its story about how safer air is leading to greater success in your classrooms while economically utilizing all available revenue sources to improve the learning environment.

Millions of dollars are on the table. Give us fifteen minutes and we can help you get the grants you deserve. Call 952-201-9560 to schedule a consultation.

The deadline for CalSHAPE applications is May 31. Make the call to 952-201-9560. It’s well worth your time.

Schedule a FREE consultation today!


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