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Take a Closer Look….The Upfront Cost is Worth it

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Lower cost to maintain

  • Lower absenteeism

“We will save you money, time and hassle.”

Let us help you:

  • Determine ROI

  • Improve equipment reliability

  • Manage costs

  • Train your team

  • Collect and use data

As well as:

  • Find the money for upfront costs

  • Communicate with board and community

  • Build out your “good news” story

Resulting in:

  • Standardized work/protocols for maintenance crews

  • Interventions (tools) in the highest areas of risk, preventing deviations from normal HVAC operations

  • Safety features, techniques, and procedures to avoid exposures or injury

  • Mitigating the consequences of outbreaks or illness

  • Lower carbon footprint through energy savings

“We accelerate the process and accelerate your savings on energy and facility management.”

Our experienced teams quickly assess your HVAC systems, facility maintenance practices, ventilation, air quality, installation and maintenance costs, potential savings and predictable objections from decision-makers and parents. This will free up your team to work on other projects.

We leverage AB 841 replacement dollars and grants, lessening the impact on General Funds and ESSER dollars.


LifeWingsPP specializes in studying school campuses and providing knowledgeable assessments to aid school boards in reaching the highest level of protection for their students and staff. It defeats the invisible enemy and creates free breathing zones in buildings, reducing anxiety and allowing teachers to teach without fear.


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