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White House Announced a Nationwide Call-to-Action to Improve the Air Quality in Classrooms

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The issue of air circulation and safety in school buildings is becoming a national priority as a means to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, the White House announced a nationwide call-to-action to improve the air quality in classrooms across the country. Air quality has been shown to be a factor in employee and student absenteeism, health issues, and classroom performance.

At the state level, initiatives are in place to provide grants to school districts to analyze and upgrade both HVAC and plumbing systems that may not be operating at their optimum levels. There are grants available to our school district clients under the state's AB 841 program to make these upgrades. Phase 1 of this program has ended, but only about one-fourth of the $650 million was allocated to applicants because many school districts failed to apply.

Phase 2 has just reopened the application process. Districts have until June 1 to submit their paperwork. CSBA’s strategic partner LifeWings Peak Performance can assist you in getting in line to receive these funds. At no costs to your general fund budget, LifeWings can see if you qualify, analyze your needs, and file the application. Give them 15 minutes on the phone and you could get thousands if not millions of dollars to upgrade your classrooms. LifeWings is not an equipment provider. They are a group of scientists, health professionals, and engineers that began doing safe air studies for the military and hospitals. Contact LifeWings.


LifeWingsPP specializes in studying school campuses and providing knowledgeable assessments to aid school boards in reaching the highest level of protection for their students and staff. It defeats the invisible enemy and creates free breathing zones in buildings, reducing anxiety and allowing teachers to teach without fear.


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