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Resource: Efficient and Healthy Schools Campaign Focuses On Indoor Air Quality

Reposted from an article by Berkley Labs

Improving a school’s energy performance can affect more than utility bills — it can also boost indoor air quality and learning outcomes, making the classrooms healthier for students and staff. A new campaign, Efficient and Healthy Schools, will provide practical guidance on ventilation upgrades that can increase energy efficiency, lower costs, and improve the air at K-12 schools nationwide.


LifeWings Peak Performance (LWPP) serves as a Safe Air Partner by identifying available state and federal funding resources and helping secure them for your schools. LifeWings can then guide you through auditing and assessing the condition of your HVAC Systems, which makes you eligible to secure funding for your facilities. More funding leads to accelerated cost savings over time by reducing emergency repairs, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing the working environment for staff while ensuring Safer Air for students and families.

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